Hugs for Children

BPB Floyd Inc., began what is known as Hugs for Children. The project itself is an effort to reach out to underprivileged kids in the community, as well as helping parents in prison. A parent in prison is someone that will always play catch up in their children’s lives. Our goal is to connect a hug through a gift which will help put a smile on their child’s face.

Every year it brings us joy to our hearts to see the jubilant faces of the children, as they receive their gifts. They are so elated that someone cares enough to give them something for Christmas. For us, there is no greater joy than showing the love we have, especially at this time of the year. For some, this is the only expression of love they will ever see this season.

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Who We Are:

The BPB Floyd House Program will provide transitional housing and additional supportive services to its’ clientele upon their release from incarceration. The case management staff will guide the participants through the accessing process for additional supportive resources such as, job development and placement, transportation, food stamps, family reunification, educational resources,etc. including all facets again, related to their goal to become self reliant.

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