Focuses on skills needed to successfully re- enter into the community. Financial responsibility, time management, legal issues, employment and coping skills.

The Mission of BPB Floyd Inc (The Floyd House) is to utilize a variety of supportive services to help return previously incarcerated persons (PIP) to a productive lifestyle. We will provide treatment and education services that focus on changing addictive and criminal behaviours to help men reach their personal best. By preparing prepare them for re-entry into society and their family units as leaders, head of households, and parents, their families and children will grow up with a higher probability to make their dreams a reality. As an added benefit, the community gains a successful self-sufficient gainfully employed family, less dependent on other community resources.

Who We Are:

The BPB Floyd House Program will provide transitional housing and additional supportive services to its’ clientele upon their release from incarceration. The case management staff will guide the participants through the accessing process for additional supportive resources such as, job development and placement, transportation, food stamps, family reunification, educational resources,etc. including all facets again, related to their goal to become self reliant.

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