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Our first steps

Our history begins back in 2007, Patricia Shaver, Executive Director recalls that for as far back as she can remember her parents always were extremely concerned about “ex-offenders.” She would hear them discussing the plight of former offenders and their desire to inform them that they must know, believe and be confident that regardless of one’s past, “you can always start over.” As the founder of the organization, for many years the closest she ever got to ex-offenders was in her capacity as a bail bonds person. Yet she was still haunted for many years about her parents’ passion for ex-offenders. Finally, in 2008 Ms. Shaver opened her first BPB Floyd House for previously incarcerated clients. We owe more than our name, our logo and our first product to her parents. She embodied many of the key attitudes and values that form part and parcel of our organization culture: pragmatism, flexibility, the willingness to learn, an open mind and respect for other people and cultures.

Further development

Patricia began her non-profit journey partnering with It Takes a Village, another locally based non-profit and through the prison ministry at her church. To gain the experience she needed for the housing program she also volunteered with the Denver’s Road Home Project Homeless Connect and garnered some very valuable experience from this endeavor

Continuous innovation and transformation

In addition to the housing program services, the efforts of this non-profit have expanded to include the School of Recovery and Self-Improvement (Sorasi) substance abuse counseling and treatment program and Voices of Reality, a program geared toward preventing delinquency from within at-risk, disadvantaged youth. Voices of Reality gives a voice and attention to the plight of economically underserved children to stay focused and become contributing members of our society.