• 7 days’ worth of everyday comfortable clothing
  • No clothing with profanity, gang-related messages, pro-drug/alcohol, sexually oriented messages or provocative design are not permitted
  • No provocative clothing or clothes sexual in nature
  • Although the attire is casual, please be sure to be dressed respectfully.


  • Portable music device i.e. iPod and MP3 players
  • Cell phones and laptops
  • No E-cigarettes

Contraband (Items which are not allowed)

  • Knives/sharps- i.e. Needles, hooks, knives (pocket, exacto and utility included)
  • Straight razors
  • Firearms of any kind, ammunition or any type of potential weapon
  • No alcohol, drugs or marijuana
  • Medication (s) will be checked by staff

Who We Are:

The BPB Floyd House Program will provide transitional housing and additional supportive services to its’ clientele upon their release from incarceration. The case management staff will guide the participants through the accessing process for additional supportive resources such as, job development and placement, transportation, food stamps, family reunification, educational resources,etc. including all facets again, related to their goal to become self reliant.

Contact Us

(720) 668-6540 ~ CO

(916) 495-2879 ~ CA