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Khalid M. Williams
It is with great pleasure and honor that I share with you my experience with BPB Floyd House, in the hopes it may motivate another to do the same. I had the pleasure of meeting Patricia by way of her creating a series of online television shows called Voices of Reality. A mutual friend contacted me for some production help, I arrived fixed the problem Pat asked me how much she owed me and I told her zero and was just glad to help and got ready to leave.It was at this time she stopped me and asked me what my story was? I smile to myself because I can still remember the look on her face! I told her I had fallen on rough times and was staying with a friend that had stolen some personal belongings had no other place to live and felt homeless. It was at this time without flinching she pulled fifty dollars out of her pocket, got me something to eat and gave me a room at BPB Floyd House under one condition, I get job and go back to school. She looked me square in the eye and said "I'm giving you a hand up, not a hand out" little did I know at the time how much those words are a part of her core values. With her help I was able to get a job and enroll at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting while helping with the product of many shows on Voices of Reality. A year later I graduated and moved to Florida where I currently live. Within a year I received full custody of my oldest son and have worked in retail for the last three years until a short time ago. My son has maintained a B average in school the last two years and I received a job in banking. Little did I know a simple question "What's your story" would change my life forever. Now it is my duty to carry on the BPB legacy and offer a hand up to people I see myself in. I could never thank Pat enough for how she has transformed my life, I do show her that her spirit will live on through me and the countless other people that have been fortunate enough to meet her.