Senate Bill 217 required law enforcement to report certain information related to each contact an officer has with a person beginning January 1, 2023. The act changes the start date of the reporting requirement to April 1, 2022. The act clarifies and adds to some of the information that must be reported.

If a peace officer is convicted of, found civilly liable for, or found liable in an administrative proceeding for unlawful use of force or failure to intervene, the officer certification must be revoked if death or serious bodily injury occurred or, if serious bodily injury or death did not occur, then the certification must suspended for at least a year. The act creates a process to allow a peace officer to have a hearing by an administrative law judge to determine whether the peace officer's certification should be suspended or revoked.

Senate Bill 20-217.


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The BPB Floyd House Program will provide transitional housing and additional supportive services to its’ clientele upon their release from incarceration. The case management staff will guide the participants through the accessing process for additional supportive resources such as, job development and placement, transportation, food stamps, family reunification, educational resources,etc. including all facets again, related to their goal to become self reliant.

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